Collaboration between Unione Induista Italiana and Socrem Novara

A specific agreement with Socrem Novara – authorized to operate throughout the Italian territory – in order to allow the funeral rituals to be carried out the most correctly according to the indications given by the Hindu ritual. 


The U.I.I. agreement with Socrem Novara allows the following in authorized crematoriums.

  • The possibility of having free use of the farewell room for the last farewell to the beloved one for at least 60 minutes.
  • The possibility of setting up the farewell room with temporary furnishings provided by the family (statues, paintings, offering bowls and the possibility of lighting incense and candles) aimed at “personalising” the environment and the farewell ceremony.
  • The possibility of having a physical space available to walk around the coffin.
  • The possibility of placing a lighted candle or incense stick or even a small piece of lighted wood on the coffin.
  • The possibility of positioning the body in the direction requested by the relatives.
  • The possibility of having a button to press to light the cremation fire at the time required by the ritual.

Advantages of U.I.I. collaboration with Socrem Novara

The annual membership fee of Socrem Novara for U.I.I. members is 5€ instead of 20 € as for ordinary members.

  • There is no one-off registration fee of 15€ to pay.
  • A funeral at a controlled and transparent cost based on the city (see table below).
  • Discounted rates for cremation costs (see table below).
  • Approximate rate for the return of ashes by air to New Delhi (see table below).
  • Logistical support in the return of the ashes or bodies to their homeland.
  • The staff of the funeral agencies affiliated with Socrem are trained in Hindu funeral rituals.

Who is entitled to these benefits?

  • These benefits are available for all people of Hindu communities who are mem-bers of U.I.I.
  • Registration with Socrem Novara – U.I.I. Section is done on a personal level by fill-ing in a specific form.
  • Registration with Socrem guarantees the fulfilment of the wishes regarding crema-tion, the scattering of the ashes and the ritual choice of the funeral rite.
  • Registration must occur in life, if a person dies without having first registered with Socrem, the relatives of the deceased cannot have the advantages described above.

List of affiliated Altair Crematoriums

Regione Provincia Città
Emilia Romagna Modena Modena
Emilia Romagna Parma Parma
Emilia Romagna Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia
Emilia Romagna Rimini Rimini
Emilia Romagna Piacenza Piacenza
Friuli Venezia Giulia Gorizia Gorizia
Friuli Venezia Giulia Udine Cervignano
Friuli Venezia Giulia Udine Gemona
Lazio Roma Civitavecchia
Lazio Viterbo Orte
Liguria Imperia Imperia
Liguria Imperia Sanremo
Liguria Savona Savona
Lombardia Como Como
Lombardia Brescia Brescia
Piemonte Alessandria Acqui Terme
Piemonte Alessandria Serravalle Scrivia
Piemonte Alessandria Valenza
Piemonte Biella Biella
Piemonte Cuneo Magliano Alpi
Piemonte Novara Trecate
Piemonte Torino Piscina
Piemonte VCO Domodossola
Sardegna Cagliari Cagliari
Sardegna Olbia Olbia
Sardegna Sassari Sassari
Toscana Grosseto Grosseto
Toscana Pistoia Pistoia


How do you subscribe to Socrem Novara

  • To register with Socrem, you must fill in the registration form, provide a copy of your identity document and tax code and pay the fee of 5€ (possibly also via postal order/bank transfer).
  • Socrem is willing to organize meetings in Hindu worship places aimed at collect-ing documentation and registration forms.
  • In the future, Socrem intends to assemble a specialized online portal to carry out procedures online via SPID or other recognition methods.


Controlled costs for Socrem members for the year 2024

The family members of the deceased registered with Socrem Novara can choose as an option to contact a funeral agency affiliated with Socrem Novara whose services and costs are communicated to members every year (see table below and examples 1 and 2). Otherwise, family members can choose to contact any funeral company they wish (see example 3 below).

tariffe socrem
  1. Supply and delivery of the coffin suitable for cremation with the choice of two models: smooth type and figurative type.
  2. Name plate and possible religious symbol.
  3. Complete satin padding in different colours to choose from.
  4. Composition casing, sealing of the coffin.
  5. Flower composition for coffin and band with dedication.
  6. Right of posting and printing of 10 city posters or 30 personalized memorial cards.
  7. Velvet pall with announcement in place of residence.
  8. Clearing municipal paperwork.
  9. Decoration of temple/farewell room; where possible, a table for signatures with a pall
  10. Accompaniment of coffin and respect of rituality during the function.
  11. Transport by funeral car.
  12. Stainless steel cinerary urn with name plate.
  13. Assistance for possible purchase of cell/dispersion/trust.
  14. Photoceramics supply.
  15. Assistance in collection of ashes.
  16. The above costs are referred to the cities considered within a distance of 50km. For distances beyond 50km, there will be an agreed flat-rate kilometre surcharge equal to 300 € one-off payment.

Some examples of funeral and cremation costs


Example 1

A Hindu dies in the province of Turin and the family calls the Socrem funeral agency:
– funeral cost = €2,200 (the cost is fixed and transparent)
– cremation cost = €438 (discounted compared to the normal cost)
 Total: €2638

  • If the deceased chose to scatter the ashes in Italy during his lifetime, there are no other additional costs.
  • If instead he chose to scatter the ashes in India, there is an additional €200 for the repatriation cost.
  • If a family member of the deceased brings the ashes to India, the additional €200 can be saved because the urn with the ashes can be considered as hand luggage.


Example 2

A Hindu dies outside the province of Alessandria but the family calls the Socrem funeral agency located in Alessandria:
– the funeral cost is €2,800 (fixed and transparent cost)
– additional cost of €300 to be added for distances exceeding 50 km from the agency’s area of competence (the province of Alessandria)
– cremation cost €438
Total cost: €3538

  • If the deceased chose during his lifetime to scatter the ashes in Italy, there are no other additional costs.
  • If instead he chose to scatter the ashes in India, there is an additional €200 for the repatriation cost.
  • If a family member of the deceased brings the ashes to India, the additional €200 can be saved because the urn with the ashes can be considered as hand luggage.


Example 3

A Hindu dies in the province of Brescia and the family turns to a funeral agency NOT affiliated with Socrem
– funeral cost: to be assessed with the funeral agency
– cremation cost approximately €620 (for Brescia crematorium affiliated with Socrem)
Total cost: to be evaluated with the agency

  • Socrem will take care of the bureaucratic part if the deceased subscribed while in life.
  • The rituals will be anyway performed in the crematorium affiliated with Socrem (setting up the farewell room, the lighting of incense, the lighting the crematorium fire, etc.)
  • Costs for the repatriation of the ashes 200 €.

Socrem is selecting funeral agencies in the areas not yet covered.
For a funeral in Brescia, for example, you can contact the nearest agency (Monza Brianza) that will add to the agreed rate, the costs for distances exceeding 50 km: 2600 € + 300 €.

Purchasing a funeral while in life with Trust in Me

Socrem Novara members can choose to purchase a funeral while in life as an option, but this is not mandatory.
Anyone interested in purchasing a funeral while alive can do so by spending 180 € per year. In the event of death, Trust in Me will cover all expenses related to the funeral rite, possible repatriation of the body, cremation and dispersion in Italy or repatriation of the ashes.
The purchase requires the signing of a personal contract and a copy of identity documents.
The contract is valid 24 hours after signing and paying the first annuity.
The contract includes the annual Socrem membership fee.
This type of funeral can be purchased if you have an entry age between 18-65 years, if you do so you will still pay 180 € a year for your whole life or as long as you want: the contract can last even only one year.
For entry ages over 65 the rate is different.

The phases of the project

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