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Religions From The Inside: Improving Interreligious Dialogue


5 Ottobre 2020

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Esplora il valore della cooperazione tra le fedi e scopri come le convinzioni fondamentali delle cinque principali religioni del mondo si relazionano tra loro.


Explore the value of cooperation between faiths and learn how the five main world religions’ core beliefs relate to each other.

Learn how to encourage and benefit from respectful interfaith dialogue

This short course, led by the Faculty of Theology of Lugano in collaboration with USI, will develop your knowledge of what interfaith dialogue means from a philosophical and epistemological point of view, and teach how to enjoy productive interfaith dialogue.

Understand the value of a multi-faith society

Until a few decades ago, it seemed secularisation processes were inevitable and that religion would be confined to the private conscience. However, the new millennium saw religions return – both as places for spiritual reflection, as well as movements that could affect the public sphere.

This course will enhance your understanding of the relationship between different faiths and help you to explore why religions play such an active role in promoting peaceful coexistence among humans.

Learn how to create the right conditions for effective interfaith dialogue

From the perspective of a speaker representing each of the world’s five main religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism – you’ll explore the core characteristics of each religion from a historical and conceptual perspective before discussing a principle of the religion which relates to interfaith dialogue and promotes peace.

You’ll discover how each religion offers similar lessons that encourage humans to relate, connect with each other, as opposed to withdrawing into themselves and sparking conflict.

By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to have a positive interfaith discussion that encourages mutual cooperation and understanding between different faiths and forms of faith.

You’ll even have the chance to put your new knowledge to the test as you join an online interfaith debate with your fellow learners.


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